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Style Profiles: Ankie Kampmeyer.

Published May 02, 2017

Name: Ann-Kathrin Kampmeyer (@talonmade_hamburg)
Position: Lady Boss, Vater und Sohn / Owner, Talonmade
Jeans: 99BSP

I hail from:
Hamburg, Germany.

I’m currently working on:
new bags, using vintage and new materials and trying to keep it as sustainable as possible. I also work at a bakery, so I work on some new recipes for yummy cakes. I’m also working on my 120kg deadlift, butterfly pullups and handstandwalk.

My favorite meal is:
pretty much everything that consists of veggies and fake meat, but no brussels sprouts though. Nope. Can’t do them. Big NO GO!

I collect: 
bags, Indigo dyed fabrics, badges, sometimes I think shoes as well.

The last thing I read was:
The Son by Philip Meyer, and Shantaram by Gregory David Robertson. 

Presently, I’m listening to:
Iron Maiden, The Four Tops, Bruce Springsteen, First Aid Kit and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.
(Check out Ankie's Spotify playlist here.)

The best way to unwind is:
to walk our dog and to lift some weights.

The last piece of advice given to me was:
sorry, I wasn’t listening.

One place I would love to visit is:
New York with a lot of time on my hands and lots of money in my pockets.

In 20 years I hope to be:
still healthy and still doing what I love.


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