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Introducing "Keepsake."

Introducing "Keepsake."

One of the most exciting prospects of opening up our LA flagship store up almost two years ago was the opportunity to use it as a showcase of passions and interests that help inform our design process. From art shows to live music events, we've sought to utilize the space in a way that would facilitate community and bring vibrance to our neighborhood. With that in mind, we're proud to introduce a new shop-in-shop concept at our LA flagship called "Keepsake."

While it's true that we've offered succulent plants and pottery for sale since our opening, we turned to our shop manager Brandon Daconceicao and his girlfriend Chanel Levin-Portman to bring that plant experience to another level. Together, they have curated an assortment of houseplants and cacti under the name "Keepsake" that are currently available for purchase in store. Our large store windows are quite greenhouse-like and provide an ideal environment for these plants to grow and thrive until they are brought to their new homes.

Prior to moving back to Los Angeles earlier this year, Chanel spent the past two years working at Crimson Horticultural Rarities in Oakland, CA. She began by maintaining plants and assisting customers with finding the right specimen for their homes. On the side, she worked for a friend at a carnivorous plant nursery called Predatory Plants that needed some propagation help. In between propagation, her friend would give her quick botany lessons, diving more into the science behind plant care, identifying signs of stress, and pest control. Eventually, Chanel was promoted to full-time at Crimson and the owner, Allison, brought her along to pick out plants for the shop. Her experience through the mentorship she received at both Predatory Plants and Crimson gave her the background and the confidence to start a new project on her own.

What we love about bringing "Keepsake" into our LA flagship store is that through its owners, we are able to provide the same level of service and education on plants that we are with everything else that we sell in our shop. Chanel and Brandon's experience ranges far beyond identifying and selecting plants to sell; with it comes diagnosis, pest control, and care instructions. Customers will be able to come to our store to learn about the plants we stock, ask questions, and obtain advice and consultation on long term treatment and placement of plants at home to ensure that they thrive in their new environments. 

When it comes to the kinds of plants that Chanel and Brandon look for, they expressed that they particularly enjoy when plants look more structural, rather than full: plants that can display the beauty found in the negative space between the leaves as much as the leaves themselves. Their initial assortment includes a Breynia nivosa 'Hawaiian Snow Bush' - its two tall split branches create a striking silhouette against our white monolith. It's also important to them that Keepsake can provide a little something for everyone, from plants with more specialized care to easy, beginner plants for those just getting started.

Keepsake is open 7 days a week during our normal shop hours: 11a-6p daily. For additional questions regarding plant assortment or care, you may contact Brandon directly at We hope to see you soon!