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Meet & Greet at Mildblend.

Published October 05, 2015

A week ago, we had the chance to travel to Chicago to spend some time at one of our favorite accounts, Mildblend Supply Co. Owner Luke Cho is an OG in the city's retail scene and has put together, in our opinion, one of the best denim selections in the country. After working with him for the past few years, we thought it was high time we threw an event at his shop and meet some of our loyal supporters too. As many of you know, the success of our brand can be strongly attributed to community and it was a real pleasure to meet and reconnect with so many people that we talk with regularly online - most notably from the /r/RawDenim community and Instagram. We had some Decade Collection sightings and someone even took his pants off. Lastly, we learned that Chicago loves their Thruxtons. A big thank you to everyone who made the time to come out, to Koval Distillery for the drinks, and lastly to Luke, Candise, and the rest of the Mildblend team for the warm welcome.


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