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3sixteen Day - 2023.

A photo of our LA store with a circular marble table in the middle

This upcoming Thursday marks our eighth annual 3sixteen Day. For those of you who are new to the brand or might have missed it in previous years, 3sixteen Day is a little celebration we introduced in 2015 as a fun way to thank you, our loyal customers, for your ongoing support. It's also one of the rare times of the year when we offer significant discounts on our product, so it's a great opportunity to finally scoop up something you've been eyeing at a special price. There’s a lot of stuff going on here so please read carefully!

Flash Sales

Every hour, on the hour, we’ll launch a flash sale on 3sixteen. These sales launch from 10am to 6pm EST on Thursday, March 16th (which makes for 8 sales in total) - the last sale ends at 7pm. None of these sales will be posted anywhere beforehand; you'll need to dig through our website to find the discounted products. No code is needed for these hourly sales, as we will reduce the price on our end. Once the hour is up, the product will be brought back up to full price and we will launch the next one.

Code Hunt

Starting at 10am EST and going throughout the day, we will be posting hidden discount codes on There will be 5 in all, and each code will range from 10%-50% off. These codes can show up anywhere: in a product description, in a blog post, or even in our FAQ’s. You’ll know right away when you find one, it’ll look something like F4VA1BPZAPFA (and no, that one doesn’t work). When you find it, email with the subject line “I found a code!” and tell us the code and where you found it. The first person to email us about each code will get it assigned to their account. These codes are for future use and can be redeemed at any time after 3sixteen Day has concluded. One code per person, please. 

Shopping In-Store

For those who are interested in shopping with us in person at our NY and LA flagship stores, we will be making all flash sales that will occur throughout the day available to our in store customers regardless of what time they choose to visit. Please understand that stock is limited to the products that we have on hand in store.

Returns and Exchanges

One important item of note about your 3sixteen Day purchases is that all discounted items purchased on 3sixteen Day are not eligible for returns or refunds. You’ll be getting some great deals, so if something doesn’t work out for you please consider passing it on to a friend who will enjoy it! After 3sixteen Day is over, you may exchange your purchase for a different size provided that we have it in stock. 

Making a Difference

As many of you know, we also try to use 3sixteen Day as an opportunity to signal boost various charities and causes that we feel are important. On previous days we’ve made contributions to PATH, No Kid Hungry, and the Asian American Federation. This year we’ve elected to donate 5% of all proceeds on 3sixteen Day 2023 to Bridge to Turkiye to aid in relief efforts from the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria last month. Over 14 million people (and counting) have been affected by this natural disaster, with an estimated 1.5 million left homeless. Knowing that emergency response donations in times of crisis can often be misdirected or misused, we checked in with our friend Samer - who works in international relief and urban displacement, specifically in the Middle East - to find a solid, vetted relief effort to donate to, and Bridge to Turkiye was his recommendation. If you're moved to donate on your own, we'd encourage and appreciate it.

#3sixteenDay on Instagram/TikTok

3sixteen Day isn’t just about buying clothes, it’s also about celebrating the support that you all show us year in and year out. For those of you on Instagram or TikTok, we encourage you to post your favorite 3sixteen fit with the #3sixteenDay2023 hashtag tomorrow (please make sure to tag us in the post too, so we don't miss it). Our entire team will go through the photos and videos the following week and each of us will choose our favorite fit and send a small gift to all of the winners.