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Wear Specimen: ST-120xk.

Published June 11, 2015

After a year of development, we finally launched our unsanforized Kibata denim via select retailers last month. Last summer, we asked our good friend Justin Johnson of Arrowhead to wear in one our sample pairs and the results he achieved in 4 months were stunning. Granted, he wore them in while building furniture in his workshop and he's notoriously hard on jeans - but what he was able to achieve in 4 months is indicative of how quickly the fabric changes. In these photos, you can see how the low tension weave yields a completely different kind of fade: the rough texture produces specks of indigo that are all fading at different rates. The denim also exhibits some beautiful vertical falling from the slub yarns that is sure to become more pronounced over time. As customers have begun wearing this new denim in, we are excited to see what kind of fades it will produce in the months and years to come.


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