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NY Market Week Portraits: July 2014.

Published July 28, 2014

Emily & Daniel, Mid-Atlantic Mercantile (Pittsburgh, PA)

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting buyers in town to see new collections. With the exception of this past January, we've been using our showroom in the Lower East Side for the past five years to meet with our accounts and show them some of the things we're working on for upcoming seasons. Hospitality is very important to us, so we enjoyed the opportunity to give our retailers a place to rest and recharge (if only for an hour) while catching up on both business and life. This past market week, we took portraits of some of our friends who stopped by so that you could get to know some of the amazing people we work with. For those of us who we missed, our apologies - we'll get it on the next go round. Thanks again to everyone who made the time to stop by - we appreciate it!

Donte & Tyisha, Denim Bar (Arlington, VA).


Ian, Peggs & Son (Brighton, UK).


Jong-Heon, Bluesman (Seoul, KR).


Antonio & Nolan, Citizen Frederick (Frederick, MD).


Jonathan & Chrys, lost & found (Toronto, ON). 


Dustin, Portland Dry Goods (Portland, ME).


Mackey, Steadbrook (Denver, CO).


Reid & Liam, Understudy (Calgary, AB).


KC, Capsule Store (Sydney, NSW).


Eric, Revolve Clothing.  


Chris, Brigade (Cleveland, OH).


Mike & Justin, Haberdash (Chicago, IL).


Guy, Viberg Boot (Victoria, BC).


Gray & Chris, Park and Province (Toronto, ON).


David & Matt,


Dub, Rye51 (Dallas, TX).


Alan & Cabby, The Class Room (Houston, TX).


Akihito Umebayashi, Journal Standard (Tokyo).


Eric & Kevin, Today Clothing (Ann Arbor, MI).


Judson, The Independent (Little Rock, AK).


Brian, East + West (St. Louis, MO).


Jeremy & Erik, Decade Shop (Seoul, KR).


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